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10 January 2016

Washed, vacuumed, oil replaced, oil filter replaced and new 12V battery.

Mileage 255162km

23 November 2015

On my trip to work I was alerted that my right front tyre was going flat. When I got in town I pumped it up and went to a tyre place in Durbanville. The damage was too close too the sidewall for a repair to work so I had to buy two new tyres.

This nail cost me over R2000!

8 September 2015

Well, I found out my car's air conditioner is holding pressure. So I bought a 13kg cylinder of r134a refrigerant to recharge the system. It's making cold again.

SA aircon servicing people and Toyota SA are clueless. If I had listened to them my car now would have PAG aircon oil in it. Yes, even Toyota SA has no idea that they're letting aircon repair people put the WRONG oil in Prius aircon units. They all swear it's right, well it's not.

Based on recommendations from Honda, Toyota,Ford and GM it is unacceptable to allow even the slightest amount of PAG (or other oil) into the
system. If you can’t flush the lines of you’re a/c equipment, you may need a separate machine to work on hybrids! Just one percent of PAG oil can lower the insulation resistance of a compressor from over 10 Megohms to under 1 Megohms If PAG oil is used to completely fill an electric compressor system the insulation resistance can essentially be reduced to zero. [Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems Overview Eugene Talley
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, etalley@siu.edu]

Only put PURE r134a and ND-11 aircon oil in your Prius. It cannot even be contaminated with PAG.

My housemate made a Halide Lamp to test the purity of the r134a. Here's how it works.

9 May 2015

Service time


4 May 2015

8 Years as a happy Prius owner!