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Consumption Data

According to the EPA I should get consumption of anywhere between 4.9 and 5.2 l/100km. Real world looks closer to 5.4 l/100km. So I'm doing pretty well. A Prius rewards careful driving with very low fuel consumption figures like these. I drive mostly highway every day. I keep my speed at around 95-100 km/h using the cruise control. I also try to use the brakes as little as possible. When I go downhill I take my foot off the accelerator and coast. This also allows the car to use regeneration. I also inflate the tyres to the maximum listed in the manual. If I drive any old way I want (like most people do), I get consumption figures of around 5.5 l/100km. My best ever consumption figure was obtained while using BP unleaded

The following consumption figures were obtained driving mostly highway (N2) between Somerset West and Cape Town. My typical speed on the highway is about 100km/h. I often glance at the consumption screen while driving and adapt my foot to minimize consumption. I typically manage to go 850km on a 45 litre tank of petrol before the "Add Fuel" message is displayed.

Consumption History


Cars I owned before my Prius

BMW 318i E46

For comparison purposes I have kept the consumption figures of my previous car for you to view here. The best fuel consumption I ever managed was 7.79 l/100km. I only accomplished this figure with very careful driving. I used a higher than normal tyre pressure, coasted as much as possible and never drove faster than 100 km/h on the highway. I would also keep an eagle eye on the consumption meter and try to control my driving to keep the needle as low as possible. I also recommend the use of a good quality fully synthetic engine oil. It can reduce friction considerably.

Plastic bits on this car would break easily. All four electric window mechanisms snapped. Sunroof plastic rails and parts were rubbish. Drove nice. Performed well. Comfy. Nice looking car. Manual gearbox was a pain in traffic. Had no features!

Consumption History 7.79 l/100km, lowest obtained

BMW 730i E32

Before my 318i I had a BMW 730i. She had a fantastic 3 litre V8 engine which was very smooth. Great car! She had a 100 litre tank though which at todays fuel prices would cost over R1000 to fill! Fuel consumption was on the order of 10-12l/100km.

BMW 535i E34

Before my BMW 730i I had a 535i. 3.5 litre straight six. Very fast and comfortable. No mechanical issues.

Not mine, but looked just like this. Same colour. Had some issues with its' electronics which was eventually traced to a tiny transistor.

BMW 318i E30

Before my BMW 535i I had a 318i. My first car. Bought used in 1999.

Not mine, but looked just like this. Same colour. Four doors