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Oak Ridge National Laboratory has published many technical articles relating to the Prius

Evaluation of 2004 Toyota Prius
Hybrid Electric Drive System

2004/2005 MFD Fix

Symptoms: Delayed response, no beeps when pressing the buttons and "Check the connection of the air conditioner" when you press CLIMATE.


Article on the Inverter Assembly


A guide to Hybrid Synergy Drive

Download (1.9MB)

Using your Motorola RAZR cellphone with Prius' Bluetooth system

Download (602KB)

Toyota Hybrid System II

Download (1.54MB)

Prius Emergency Response Guide

[very informative]

Download (2.23MB)

Report on Toyota/Prius motor design and manufacturing assessment

[Interesting details on the electric motors and drivetrain]

Download (2.67MB)

Prius Green Report

A report detailing the steps taken by Toyota to make the Prius greener than any other car.

[Written in English, but require Japanese Language Pack from Adobe] Language Pack

Download (1.16MB)

Toyota’s Plug-in Hybrid Prius

Shows the development and versions of HSD as it developed. Very interesting

Download (4.25MB)

Hacking The Prius

Nuts and Volts magazine August 2008

Download (740KB)

Evaluation of 2004 Toyota Prius
Hybrid Electric Drive System

Download (4.28MB)