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ADTPro 5.25" disk images

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DOS3.3 System Master.dsk

DOS3.3 Basics.dsk


ADTPro is the best utility for getting software to and from your vintage Apple. Above you'll find some disk images pulled from the original disks. Instructions for making the null modem cable can be found here. You'll also need an Apple Super Serial Card. DS/DD floppy disks (the 360K variety) which can be found on ebay. You'll also need ADTPro which can be downloaded here. Follow the ADTPro setup instructions, but take note of the following:




First make sure you have a JRE installed. To check type "java -version" at a command prompt. If you get a complaint, then you must install a Java Runtime Environment.

The java version reported above is 1.6.0_01. Take note of this because you'll place some files in the folder with the same name in C:\Program Files\Java later.

Then take note of the following:

RXTXcomm.jar from the ADTPro installation folder goes in \jreX.X.X xx\lib\ext (look in C:\Program Files\Java)

rxtxSerial.dll from the ADTPro installation folder goes in \jreX.X.X xx\bin (look in C:\Program Files\Java)

Do you see the two files below? Copy them to the right folders in C:\Program Files\Java

To run ADTPro make yourself a little batch file like I did and place it in C:\Documents and Settings\"your username here".

Put at least the following in there:

java -jar adtpro-0.2.5.jar