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Here are pictures of the three Classic Apple Macintoshes I owned. They were recently swapped for an Amiga 500. They were all beginning to fail.

Macintosh Classic (1990)

Repairing your Macintosh Classic

Download these books to help you diagnose and fix your vintage Macintosh

Zip file contains the following titles:

Mac Classic & SE Repair and Upgrade Secrets

Macintosh II Repair and Upgrade Secrets

The Dead MAC Scrolls

Symptom: Single horizontal line on the monitor, mac seems to boot normally otherwise

Fix: Replace the electrolytic capacitors on the analog board. In the case of my mac, the brown capacitors in the area indicated below had all leaked and failed. Clean/rinse the leaked electrolyte off the board thoroughly with mass-airflow meter cleaner.


Macintosh Plus (1986)

How to make a Macintosh to PC NULL Modem cable

Use with ZTERM on the mac and terminal on Windows to transfer files to your classic mac