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My Sinclair Computers

The ZX81 and ZX Spectrum 48K that I own. The Spectrum was a gift from a friend who wanted the machine to get a good home. I discovered the ZX81 lying on a shelf in the office of a work colleague. I asked if I could have it. In the end it cost me only a bottle of whiskey. Both machines work fine.

The ZX81 appears to have been imported by a company in Durban, South Africa

Below are pictures of the Sinclair QL that I own. This was also a gift from someone who wanted to give a machine a good home. I was lucky to get loads of software and even a 3.5" disk drive with interface. I got two non functional machines. I used parts from both to build one working machine. I don't use this machine as the micro tapes are quite fragile.


Get Software for your Sinclair here.