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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is by far my favourite computer of all time. Simple and affordable, the Spectrum made home computing available to the masses. Many kids of my generation had a Spectrum as their first computer. The Spectrum shown here was released in 1982. More advanced versions followed. The Spectrum came in 16K and 48K versions. It could produce colour graphics on a TV and had sound. Data storage was on tape, but external Microdrives could be added. A wealth of peripherals was made for the Spectrum which only enhanced its' popularity. The ZX Spectrum used a Zilog Z80 CPU running at 3.5MHz.

Inside the ZX Spectrum. Click on the picture to check out all the different versions of the motherboard.


Some video test patterns for ZX Spectrum using BASIC

Right-click, open image in new tab

FUSE Snapshot

At the top is my Raspberry Pi running the ZXBaremulator, a BASIC program and the result. AA battery for scale. Interface is via HDMI.

Place all your favourite .tzx files on the uSD card and you're good to go. I bought the case on ebay from "pimpmypicase".

Also above is the FUSE Linux Emulator running on Raspbian.

My two ZX Spectrums, an Issue 4 and an Issue 2, beautifully repaired and refurbished by ByteDelight. One had a failed ULA. The defective chip is shown above also.