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28 February 2020

Driver seat repaired R5800.00

19 February 2020

Got to drive a Nissan LEAF today! It was so awesome.

4 October 2019

Install New Spark Plugs at 312300km

Jan-Feb 2019

New brake pads and discs front.

10 April 2018

Install new 12V battery. (Willard)

18 November 2017

Ever since the battery pack had been replaced there hasn't been any problems. Performance remains stable at 5l/100km. I didn't choose a rebuilt battery at the time because even though the pack performs correctly the cells are still old. You might end up having to replace the rebuilt pack a lot sooner than you think, negating the savings.

I'd like to give a shout-out to George Benade and everybody who send me occasional e-mails. I love it when I get mail. I didn't know anybody was watching, so thank you.

I guess I haven't been updating the blog because my car is over ten years old now and I figured people would have moved on to the newer models. Little did I realize that there were still plenty of people out there with Prii like mine who want information about performance and maintenance perhaps before buying one used.

Also, life happened and there were more urgent things to deal with. Little did I realise that maintaining this site is actually fun and a outlet for my creativity. Something I have been neglecting lately. Even my partner mentioned that I have been neglecting my hobbies. I guess the stress from all the university protests affected me somehow.

My car has developed some oil seepage around the crankshaft seal. Nothing serious. I also use MoS2 additive in the engine oil. I'd recommend it for any high mileage car and even new cars. It dramatically reduces wear and even reduces oil usage.