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Here are pictures of the three Classic Apple Macintoshes I owned. They were recently swapped for an Amiga 500. They were all beginning to fail.

Macintosh Classic (1990)

I own one of these

Repairing your Macintosh Classic

Download these books to help you diagnose and fix your vintage Macintosh

Zip file contains the following titles:

Mac Classic & SE Repair and Upgrade Secrets

Macintosh II Repair and Upgrade Secrets

The Dead MAC Scrolls

Symptom: Single horizontal line on the monitor, mac seems to boot normally otherwise

Fix: Replace the electrolytic capacitors on the analog board. In the case of my mac, the brown capacitors in the area indicated below had all leaked and failed. Clean/rinse the leaked electrolyte off the board thoroughly with mass-airflow meter cleaner.


Macintosh Plus (1986)

I own two of these

How to make a Macintosh to PC NULL Modem cable

Use with ZTERM on the mac and terminal on Windows to transfer files to your classic mac